MLK Blood Drive

Annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Delta Gamma Lambda participates in a community parade that celebrates that legacy of our dear brother. The festivities culminate with blood drive where the brothers of DGL partner with the Hoxworth Blood Center to establish a goal of recruiting 100 donors.

Since 2007, DGL has partnered with Hoxworth Blood Center to help encourage the general public to donate blood to help those in need. In addition, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center serves as the gathering location and offers free admission.


African Americans are at greater risk than Caucasians for cancer, heart disease and birth complications. All of which often require blood transfusion. Additionally, one in 12 African Americans carries the trait for sickle cell disease and one in 652 African Americans has sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell patients who frequently need blood transfusions are less likely to have adverse reactions when receiving blood from other African Americans.

Nationally speaking, 37% of the American population is eligible to donate blood. Of the 37% eligible, under 10% actually donate. Of the 10% who donate, less than 1% are African American.

Increasing minority donations are important because blood types O and B, the blood types of 70% of African Americans, are the blood types most in demand. Consequently, these types are the first to run out during a blood shortage.


Come out in January 2020 & Help SAVE a LIFE!

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Can’t make it on January 20? Please contact your nearest Hoxworth Blood Center and donate there.  Use CODE: “Alpha”

2019 MLK Blood Drive Results

This was the 11th edition of this valuable program and as always, coincided with
the MLK March. We attempted to increase donations this year by utilizing the
Hoxworth Blood Center Mobile Unit at the Cincinnati Music Hall.

DGL had a table in the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center where brothers were able to distribute information about our upcoming events and continue to grow the public face of Alpha. Give Aways for registering to donate included a 20 oz tumbler inscribed with Bro Dr King’s famous words, “The time is always right to do what is right.” The museum also offered guests free general admission for the day. This year’s drive 94 units were donated (a new record) which will help 282 lives.

2017: Registrants 92 Total
2018: Registrants 88 Total
2017: Units of Blood 68 Total
2018: Units of Blood 71 Total
2017: Lives Saved 204 Total
2018: Lives Saved 213 Total
2019: Lives Saved 282 Total